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April 20, 2008



Aw shucks, glad you enjoyed our in-home supper!

One question, are you sure you meant that Barrio Norte was one of the areas you didn't feel safe in? We're right in the center of it here at Casa SaltShaker, and while there's clearly commercial stuff around, it's primarily a residential neighborhood - in fact, that's why realtors here started calling it that, to separate it image-wise from the commercial districts...?

Oh, and while the "Caminito", which is that colorful tourist trap in La Boca is a waste of time, but that only takes up two square blocks of the whole barrio - some of the best restaurants in the city are in La Boca - so it's worth going by taxi (I'd agree on not going on foot or by public transit at night, though during the day it's fine).

Marie Fromage

Thanks for your comment Dan! And I stand corrected on the neighborhood location for Casa SaltShaker. We were working off of a map that seemed to put your location in Recoleta but on the border of Barrio Norte (the area around Casa SaltShaker was really very nice). Same thing for our hotel Design CE, located right on the line between Barrio Norte and Recoleta (but the nearby square and a few blocks from there were creepy at night). So to these first time visitors, the barrio borders seemed fluid and it depends on who you ask and which map you consult.

I do, however, stand by what I said about La Boca. We got a pretty good tour of the barrio and compared to other barrios in BA it IS on the dicey side. I wouldn't recommend it to first time visitors to BA with a shaky command of the language and area. But I would definitely venture back there to check out those restaurants if I were in the company of a trusted local such as yourself. So when I come back again I'll be giving you a call!


I just wandered back to this post by chance - Barrio Norte is Recoleta - it's simply the northern half of it and perhaps overlaps slightly into the northern part of Palermo, but 90% of it is Recoleta. Goodness only knows what your map designer marked off. ;-)

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